IT Servcies & Outsourcing

We deliver top notch tech and connect client with innovative business leaders across the IT spectrum cover both and infrastructure and applications, including

  • Pure IT services: Consulting,
    IT Integration, Outsourcing

  • Software companies offering IT services

  • Industrial companies: Equipment
    Vendors and Manufacturers offering IT services

  • Management Consultancies
    leveraging IT capabilities

  • In-house IT professional services within various industries
Digital transformation is a constant. The IT sector continues to push for
higher levels of efficiency and productivity, whilst adapting to emerging
technologies such as the cloud, big data, analytics, multi-client service
platforms, smart networks and grids, and cyber-security.

While capital is the single most important source of competitive
advantage, it can be realized only with the right leaders in place,

  • Account managers and business development executives are increasingly important as organizations optimize efficiency, establishing on-shore/off-shore models and restructuring teams to manage large programs more effectively, within budgets and timeframes.

  • Program directors capable of leading large ERP and outsourcing projects are highly valuable, as well as solution-oriented specialists, such as innovation, testing and cloud computing executives for more widely dispersed innovation.
  • Digital transformation capabilities that enable companies to uphold
    pricing levels are critical in a fiercely competitive environment where
    pricing is a key differentiator.

  • Strong country leaders are essential for competing in a multi-polar
    economy, with other countries poised to join India and China as IT service hubs.

We work with residents of High Technology Park of the Kyrgyz Republic
and large, global organizations, often in multiple locations. Our own
industry backgrounds and search experience helps clients to overcome
endemic hiring challenges, such as the need for thought leaders with a
distinct point of view; individuals with broad multi-disciplinary abilities;
leaders with deep expertise in at least one discipline; and integration of
new hires from outside the sector.

Web and App Development

Mobile app development involves several stages of work. We can help you jumpstart much of these, and let you focus on project implementation.

Enterprise Software Development

Leverage our expertise in enterprise software development, API integration, modernising legacy systems, and consolidating app portfolios. We help large organizations become a lasting success in the global arena by re-engineering solutions of different complexity.
Reach out to us now and get to tap in to an experienced team of IT developers, software engineers, cloud architects and project managers for IT consultancy or additional support to implement significant IT infrastructure and application transformation projects faster.
We help the world’s insurance organizations to boost their efficiency, profitability, and safety through innovative digital transformation technologies.

Remote Outsourcing Services:

We provide a first-class experience with innovative services for businesses of any size in the USA, UK, UAE and etc. Most medium and large businesses are already working with outsourcing companies and it’s a new possibility for your company too, even if you are a small business. You get remote services for any sphere of your business processes and maximize your savings in a few simple steps.
Our remote employees are qualified personnel and you can test our skills and see how we work during 7 days for free, after receiving a quote, and select the most appropriate and skilled team to get the best results and boost your revenue immediately!

We provide the following Remote Services:


Telemarketing and telesales services for your products through outbound calls and communication with your customers.


Leasing of our remote employees and specialists

Virtual Personal

Services of remote virtual assistants for office tasks


Remote dispatcher services for transport organizations and logistics operators, truck, taxi and courier dispatching

Call Center

Remote call center services, recruitment and training of remote employees for a call center

Outsourcing is an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to hire highly-qualified staff with attractive cost-reducing options. The processes that are outsourced to our company are automated and show an increase in employee productivity

Data entry operator

The modern world is trending away from paperwork. Different applications, forms, inquiries, etc. can be easily done online. The Internet is a magnificent resource which is more convenient for work and recording information. Especially if you take into consideration major events which can destroy physical files such as earthquakes, floods, fires, and human factor as well. That is why database administrators and data entry specialists from Front Desk Helpers may become a valuable asset to your company if you want to transfer paperwork into a digital format.
The database administrator or data entry operator keeps data clarified, understandable, and systemized. Businesses often need to transfer information from audio, video, paper, or electronic documents in to data entry services. Nowadays, we have a large scale databases that can be hard to manage. Databases of galleries, photo-blogs, audio archives, and, of course, libraries. As time goes on, we need a management system even more than a data entry professional, so, who is the best to keep work flow smooth and effective? It is a professional that is well experienced with data entry and knows how to do it efficiently. We offer such an outsourced data entry service.

Remote IT support

Do you remember situations when remote support is something that could help you whenever you face any issue with your computer system? If yes, then remote IT assistance will be a smarter way to resolve computer-related issues. Be it a hardware or software issue, most of these can be fixed remotely using our cloud-based platform.

Our IT staffs
A better part of these tasks can be performed by remote IT support specialists through different applications and programs. Our employees have a good pack of professional skills including but not limited to the following:
• Ability to explain the problem to other employees, who are not familiar with computer terms in simple words
• Logical thinking and good analytical skills
• Up-to-date professional skills and knowledge in different areas and languages
• Interpersonal skills
Actually, IT support is a very peculiar question – so if you have any questions or demands you may always contact our advisors in order to clarify any issues of interest. Just fill the form and we will get back in touch with you within 2 business hours:

Dispatch services operator

Dispatching is the process of assigning a courier or vehicle the appropriate route to a customer or company. Industries that include dispatch are deliveries, taxicabs, home care, and emergency services like locksmith, plumbing, pest control and electricians.

Dispatching for commercial fleet Front desk helpers is a provider of dispatch services and dispatch software. We offer quality dispatch services that help keep your customers happy and carriers will be focused on the work at hand:




Online software
for dispatching

Our dispatchers and dispatching service provide the best communication link between your customers and carriers. Using online dispatch systems, professional dispatchers and dispatch software, we ensure the smooth operation of your couriers and commercial, which allows you to earn more in less time. Hence, fully automated systems and lack of human involvement usually negatively impacts customer satisfaction. We provide a live customer service and our agents will answer every call. Why is it so effective? Because of our proprietary HR management model.

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